Furniture is our PASSION.

At Kuatas, we dedicate ourselves to be the most up-to-date on furniture world trends so you do not have to bother on following the trends yourself.
We are obsessed to bring our customers a head start in choice of designs so they can focus on their main job, which is selling furniture and accessories.

Below is a serie of furniture from all over the world that have inspired us for 2018.
For obvious reasons of copyrights issues, we cannot display all of our furniture creations as, for the most part, belong to our customers and will be displayed in June 2018 only.
Some of publicly available designs.
Please see below some of our furniture we can publicly display online so you have an idea of our furniture manufacturing capacity in Indonesia.
Sunbeds and Daybeds
Lounge Chairs
Dining Table
Outdoor living set
The furniture manufacturers in Indonesia we partner with have been selected by us through the years based on their manufacturing capacities. Even though Indonesia is famous for its craftsmanship, we cannot neglect the fact that technology plays an important role in the quality of the end product.
For example, it doesn't matter how good is the carpenter, but if he/she export furniture from Indonesia which it has not been dried properly through analogical ovens, the whole structure integrity of the piece of furniture will be compromised.

2018 trends will bring back metal to the market, and trends are requesting this metal to be powder coated with flashy colors at some point. In order to be able to deliver a high quality furniture, you need a specialized powder spray, this spraying process has to take place in an enclosed space to prevent dirt to stick to the furniture. The furniture must then rapidly be transported to the oven for the drying process. A system of rail should be used between the spraying room and the oven to limit handling and time between the processes.

Technology in Furniture manufacturing in Indonesia is can be key at every level of the production process. And this statement is accurate for any type of furniture (indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, wooden furniture, metal furniture and even synthetic furniture).